Routledge School Based Teacher Training Hub

Managing Behaviour in the Secondary School: The Essentials

Welcome to the Routledge School Based Teacher Training Hub, developed in conjunction with the National Association of School Based Teacher Trainers. Here busy trainee teachers and their mentors will find focussed, accessible, evidence-informed guidance that will help develop skills and confidence for successful classroom practice.

The topics in this collection explore one of the most challenging aspects of learning to teach in the secondary school: managing behaviour.

The Hub provides:

  • Access to ten chapters on key topics in behaviour and classroom management, written by experts in the field
  • A short introduction to each topic, written by a teacher training specialist, to help you see how the evidence applies to your setting and practice, and how you can build on the advice to develop and improve teaching
  • A behaviour management strategies self-audit to help you pinpoint where you will most benefit from skills and confidence development
  • Observation templates to help you make the most of learning from experienced colleagues in the classroom
  • Templates to help you structure initial and ongoing meetings with your mentor, to ensure you get the most from this important relationship.
The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers